Train Transfers To and From Vienna International Airport

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Vienna International Airport Train Transfers

When you have arrived safely at Vienna International Airport (VIE), collected your entire luggage from the baggage claim area and exited the restricted airside and entered the public area on landside it is time to locate the location for your choice of transfer from the airport. Options for transfer include rental cars, buses, taxis and trains.

Trains at Vienna Airport

There are several rail travel options when transferring from Vienna Airport, depending on where you are going next.

The City Airport Train, also known as CAT, is the fastest way to transfer between the airport and Vienna's city center as the train ride only takes 16 minutes from one end to the other. It is however not the cheapest option of transfer, including not being the cheapest rail travel option available, but it offers convenience and is time beneficial.

The S-Bahn is the rapid transit railway system in Vienna. S-Bahn is short for Schnellbahn and it is line S7 that services the airport and the city center of Vienna. It is the cheapest transfer option available.

Railjet is a long distance railway service provided by ÖBB and it connects Vienna Airport with other national and in the extension also with international locations.

City Airport Train (CAT) Transfer at Vienna Airport

The City Airport Train runs between Vienna Airport and Wien Mitte/Landstrasse Station with departures from around 6 in the morning until shortly before midnight every day of the week when traveling from the airport, and from around 5.30 in the morning to around 11 in the evening when traveling to the airport.

The frequency of departures is every 30 minutes and the travel time is always 16 minutes.

There is a CAT Counter located in the arrivals hall where travelers can ask questions about the various City Airport Train services, purchase tickets and more. There are two City Airport Train stations located at the airport, one at each end of the airport's terminal complex.

The trains offer free WiFi.

At Wien Mitte/Landstrasse's City Air Terminal passengers are offered the option to check in their luggage and get their boarding passes before getting on the train to the airport. There are both manned check-in desks and self service check-in kiosks available. The service is included in the ticket price and it is available from 24 hours to 75 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the flight's departure.

The City Air Terminal, at Wien Mitte, is easily reached from other locations by bus, taxi, tram and underground services and it is only a 10 minute walk from St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Ticket fares are 12€ for a single journey and 21€ for a return ticket. Children under the age of 15 travel for free.

S-Bahn Transfer at Vienna Airport

Schnellbahn S7 is the S-Bahn line that services the airport and the center of Vienna. It runs between the airport and Wien Mitte with a journey time of 25 minutes and it stops in several other locations along the way, making it easy to transfer to a different line if needed.

Trains depart from around 5 in the morning until shortly after midnight from the airport, and from around 4.30 in the morning to shortly before midnight when traveling to the airport.

The frequency of departures is every 30 minutes with additional services during peak hours.

The S-Bahn platform is located on the underground level of the airport.

Tickets can be purchased in ticket machines, at the ÖBB counter in the arrivals hall, or at the Tourist Office.

The fare is dependent on the final destination of the train journey, but starts at around 4.10€ for a single adult ticket to Wien Mitte or Wien Hauptbahnhof.

Railjet Transfer at Vienna Airport

The Railjet trains depart from the same location as the S-Bahn, on the underground level of the arrivals hall.

Tickets can be purchased at the ÖBB counter in the arrivals hall, in ticket machines or at the Tourist Office.

Fares vary depending on destination, age of the traveler and if it is a single or return ticket.

Destinations available for direct services from the airport include:

Destination Travel Time Frequency
Wien Hauptbahnhof 15 Min 30 Min
St. Pölten Hauptbahnhof 55 Min 30 Min
Linz Hauptbahnhof 1 H 41 Min 30 Min
Salzburg Hauptbahnhof 2 H 49 Min 30 Min
Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof 4 H 40 Min  1 H

Destinations available through train transfers at Wien Mitte or Wien Hauptbahnhof include:

Destination Travel Time Frequency
Graz Hauptbahnhof 3 H 1 H
Klagenfurt Hauptbahnhof 4 H 17 Min 2 H
Brno, Czech Republic 2 H 03 MIn 2 H
Praha, Czech Republic 4 H 34 Min 2 H
Györ, Hungary 1 H 50 Min 2 H
Budapest, Hungary 2 H 59 Min  2 H